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4 Reasons a Steel Standing Seam Roof Protects Your House During Natural Disasters

Steel roof
No matter what area of the country you inhabit, your home is likely to be at risk from some type of extreme weather or natural disaster during your lifetime.
If you are the type of homeowner who likes to take precautions, you may wonder what type of roof would have the best chances of standing up to such hostile conditions. In many cases, the answer is that a sturdy metal roof — ideally a steel standing seam roof — is your best bet. Here is why.
1. It Is Lightweight
Standing seam metal roofs weigh around a pound per square foot, as opposed to 2–5 pounds per square foot like asphalt roofing or up to 10 like concrete roofing. As you can imagine, this adds up to quite a large weight difference over the surface of a typical roof.
The weight of your roof may not matter much in most situations as long as your house has enough structural support, but during a major earthquake or other disaster where the roof may collapse on you, this can be vital. So if you live in a part of the country that has earthquakes, such as the West Coast, consider metal for your next roof.
2. It Is Wind-Resistant
Hurricanes and tornadoes both come with unimaginably strong winds. Depending on how strong the event is and whether or not your house is right at the center of the storm, your roof may or may not be able to stand up to these wind forces. But giving it a metal covering is one way to give the roof an edge.
Metal roofing is one of the highest rated types of roofing for wind resistance, and using large metal panels gives the wind fewer edges to pull at.
3. It Is Not Flammable
Wildfires can throw brands across a mile of terrain. If one of those lands on your roof, will your house burn to the ground? The possibility is less likely if you have a fire-resistant roofing material.
One thing to keep in mind when choosing a metal roof is that aluminum has a lower melt point, so for maximum fire protection you need to use a steel roof. Some steel roofing products have the highest possible fire resistance rating, giving your roof the highest protection from traveling embers.
4. It Is More Resistant to Impact
Although an impact can dent metal roofing, the impact will not shatter the roof like a clay or concrete tile, slate, or wood shake roof would. Even asphalt shingles can crack on impact, allowing water through to your home's interior. And if you are in a storm that drops several dozen inches of rain, that can be a very bad thing.
Some metal roofing products carry the highest possible impact rating (Class 4), which may allow you to not only protect your home better but also save some money on insurance if you live in an area of the country that has hailstorms.
These four points show how a metal standing seam roof can be a huge asset in extreme weather or other natural disasters. Although this can never guarantee that your home will be safe, your roof can shield your home against hostile weather more effectively than many other types of roofing.
Whether you want a metal roof and would like to discuss the products available or whether you would like more information on what a metal roof can do for you, contact us today. Carroll Roofing Company, Inc., provides high-quality roofing services for commercial and residential customers in the Garner, North Carolina, area, and we would love to discuss your roof.